brand growth

We help companies identify the
consumer growth opportunity and
develop the winning brand strategies
and capability to address it.

Where to grow

We help to determine the consumer opportunity (or the problem to solve) by skilfully mapping the people landscape, bringing fresh insight and razor sharp diagnosis.

How to grow

We work with our clients to turn insight into great brand strategies, building prototype solutions and rigorously refining them.

Building the capability

We build and deliver the capability solutions that will make a difference, developing marketing excellence and nurturing human potential in your business.

What We Do

Sharp consumer and market diagnosis through a holistic and fresh look at data

We develop an incisive and objective view on what the consumer and market data is revealing.
This enables teams to align on a common understanding to focus the thinking on the implication for the business.

Identification of consumer opportunities

We map the consumer jobs-to-be-done and define the consumer landscape leading to the identification of the consumer opportunities and challenges.
This sets the ground for a consumer driven growth strategy.

Making winning choices on “Where to Play” and “How to Win”

Putting the consumer at the centre, we develop solutions to solve strategic brand growth challenges.
We work in an iterative process with our clients to make the strategic choices in brand positioning and portfolio, as well as identifying growth spaces.

Develop marketing capability to activate the solution

We design and build the professional capability initiatives to put consumer centricity into the DNA of the organization to inspire and enable marketing excellence.

Our Beliefs

We believe that brands which are people-centric grow faster and are more sustainable.
We believe in applying the latest marketing science approaches to simplify the marketing job (mental & physical availability), and we combine these with well proven best practices.
We know that brands succeed when the experience they deliver does the job consumers require.
We believe that diverse perspectives are important, we look at your data with a fresh set of eyes to uncover new insight.
We believe in unleashing peoples’ potential. We understand that great capability building happens when it’s fully baked into brand and marketing strategy to improve what people do in their job.

How We Work

We work with our heads and hearts, we believe this gets the best out of our clients and out of us – we call this “human” consulting

We put strong emphasis on personal involvement and collaboration – building relationships, acting as a sounding board, giving objective perspectives.

Our proven approach starts by anchoring ourselves in the consumer and marketing understanding, then building hypothesis upfront and co-creating with our clients in a series of agile workshops.

We do rigorous up-front thinking and prepare prototypes that we bring to clients in order to stimulate, challenge, and fully explore strategic solutions, before refining the winning route. All our solutions are bespoke and tailored to our clients’ specific needs… ​​​​​​​and, most of all, practical.

Our approach to co-creation provides the best mix of open creativity with consumer and market rooted guidance plus deep analysis.

The BLG Team

We are a boutique of globally experienced senior advisors and subject matter experts passionate about marketing excellence based on consumer closeness

Caroline Cook

An experienced Strategic Consultant for leading companies across multiple business sectors. Has held senior line marketing, integrated communications, innovation and category development roles.

Capability Director and Head of the Marketing Leadership Academy for Kraft Foods, responsible for inspiring and enabling marketing excellence for 2500 marketers annually. Brand Ambassador and Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Maria Alvarado

Global insights & analytics transformational leader. Breadth and depth of experience in driving brand growth through embedding consumer & shopper understanding in business strategy.

Vice President and Global Head of Insights & Analytics for Mondelez International. Head of Consumer Insights & Strategy for Kraft Europe.

Monica Juanas

Experienced Consumer & Shopper Insights professional with strong commercial background. Monica has held senior roles in the areas of Insights, Marketing Services and Commercial Strategy.

Director Insights & Analytics Biscuits Europe, and Snacking Insights & Shopper Lead in Mondelez Europe. Commercial Strategy and Trade Marketing Lead in Mondelez Iberia.

Plus we bring in the right experts from our ‘little black book’ of senior subject matter specialists to help solve your challenge

Our Work

GBFoods Europe & Africa

Developed brand positioning, brand fundamentals and brand architecture for the key brands in 10 countries.

Jordans Dorset & Ryvita

Partnered and inspired the Marketing team to bring the consumer at the centre of their brand and innovation strategies.

Bahlsen Group

Assessed state of consumer centricity in the company and developed capabilities in consumer insights and consumer closeness.

UPS Global

Developed capability solutions to inspire and enable marketers to leverage strategy into powerful tactics.

The Silver Spoon Company

Enabled the transformation of the brand strategy for two brands and build the fundamentals for the future.

Costa Coffee

Developed the brand strategic roadmaps for the brand in the At Home market in the UK and Central & Eastern Europe.
Other companies we have worked with:
Organisations we have collaborated with:

News & Views

The value of grounding brands on consumer jobs to be done

The value of grounding brands on consumer jobs to be done

There is a lot of data and information available, but people do not know which questions to ask and/or how to answer them. What we have learnt that focusing on the consumer job to be done is a great way to cut through this confusion.

The importance of sound brand strategy

The importance of sound brand strategy

It is frequently a struggle to connect brand meaning to the truth of what consumers buy. It is tempting to get distracted by table stakes benefits like sustainability. What we have learned is that a logical and powerful brand story brings real clarity for building...

The importance of sound marketing strategy

The importance of sound marketing strategy

Marketeers are so preoccupied with the HOW, that they have forgotten or are ill-equipped to understand the WHY or the WHAT. We have learnt that great marketing strategy, grounded in the consumer, focused on making an impact, and building brand value, is more important...

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